A workplace specific, life support training course for outdoor environments.

Receive training and assessment from paramedic and outdoor safety experts. Courses are designed for your industry setting and needs.    

Specialise your skills in providing advanced life support training in your complex or unique outdoor workplace. 

Life Support training

Training Providers

Christian Wiggin – MSc, DipIMC (RCS Ed), PGCert ClinRes, PGCE, BEcon, CF, MCP

Christian is a clinical Critical Care Paramedic. He examines on the Royal College of Surgeons, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care Diploma in Immediate Medical Care. He has over 18 years experience in leadership, training and front-line Pre-Hospital Care.  

Jonathan EvansBSc, PGCE-M, QTLS, MCI, CSCS, L3BC, RTCTL, Cave Rescue.

Jonathan is an Outdoor and Health & Safety professional. He is an assessor and safety trainer in; mountaineering, climbing, sea and river kayaking and water safety. As well as cave and mine rescue, mountain biking, and ghyll scrambling. He was an outdoor centre manager and director for 10 years. Jonathan has residential, construction site, Working at Height, risk assessment and rescue management qualifications and skills. 


Additional providers include medical trainers and industry experts. 

Course Details

Experience hands on advanced trauma tuition and incident management training within your work context. Your employers requirements will be identified through a training consultation process. The training will be supported by a comprehensive report to evidence your employers Health & Safety preparedness. 

The course will be recognised by HSE and professionally accredited. Courses are typically 3 days and are held in the outdoor workplace or equivalent outdoor venue.   

Why choose this course?

This ‘Outdoor Life Support training’ course is tailored made for your workplace. Providers are leading expertise in Pre-hospital care and outdoor and industrial risk management.

You will receive certified advance training qualifications. All providers are professionally qualified teachers who will create an exceptional learning environment. 

The course is made for the context of your workplace. Imagine practicing advance trauma management in relevant scenarios designed for your actual workplace. 

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